Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Where has the time gone?

On this Friday, September 30th, I will be turning 29…for the first time.

I know there a lot of people out there who will laugh/scuff at me for thinking this sounds old…but, it kind of is.  I am entering the last year of my 20s, and I’m not exactly happy about it.  I agree with the adage that you are only as old as you act/feel…but 29 sounds and feels…like…30.

Turning 30 will be a big deal to me.  When I was younger, 30 was that magic (albeit still old) number when life would be figured out.  All the trials and tribulations of my youth would be over and on my 30th birthday, I’d be sitting pretty.  I’d have a great career…an amazing house…I’d be well-traveled…in short, I’d be filthy rich…naturally.

Thirty was also the year I was going to start *thinking* about kids.  Ha! 

What my almost-30 reality actually looks like:

I very much enjoy my work (and not many people can say that!!); I’m a Senior Proposal Writer for Aerotek.  I could not have asked to work with a better group of people – they are truly fantastic!  But, as is my nature, I want more, more, more…hopefully I’ll continue to up the corporate ladder.  It would be nice to run that joint one day.

I have an amazing…townhouse!  Okay – it’s not my farm, yet, but it’s perfect for us.  We have plenty of space and since it’s an end-of-group, my dog has a nice-sized backyard in which to play.  I’m extremely grateful that James and I were able to buy this place in 2007 (not grateful that the market sucks now)…but what can you do?  We’re hoping to make the farm (farmette, really) a reality in the next year or two.

Am I well-traveled…eh, probably not.  I’ve never been to Europe, but I’ve been all over the East Coast, and have been to L.A., Vegas, the Grand Canyon, Mexico, Canada, and Bermuda.  So, no real complaints there.  My brother and I would love to go to England and Ireland in the next year or two though…so fingers crossed.

So am I rich?  Yes and no.  I don’t have a million dollars in my bank account…but it’s not empty!  I have the best husband in the world.  He is kind and patient and very understanding of my I-need-more-horses disease.  I love his redheaded face!

And kids?  Nope…still not ready for them either.  Now, we’re going to start *thinking* about them around age 34…or 35…or 37.  For now, we’re totally content with our four-legged family…Misty, Izzie, and our three cats, Penelope, Snapple and Duckie.

I know that I’ll always be that person who isn’t satisfied with her current position…who always wants to be better, be smarter, do more…but getting ready to turn 29 for the first time has taught me that being like that is okay.  It’s okay to ALWAYS have goals…it’s okay to always be looking for that next thing on the horizon as long as I’m not overlooking the present and taking it for granted.

Happy 29th Birthday to Me! 

Thursday, September 8, 2011

Takoma Star

I’m far overdue on this post.  I should have introduced the rest of my herd months ago. 

The matriarch of my herd is my 30 year old Mustang pony, Takoma Star, or Komie, as she’s affectionately known.  Komie came into my life on July 11, 1994.  I was 11 years old and would be entering 7th grade in September.  This was, without a doubt, the best summer of my life.

My beloved Komie earlier this spring...check out those dapples!  I love my girl!
I had been taking riding lessons for two or three years at this point, and my mom felt that I was ready for a pony of my own.  At the time, she had her Arabian, Traveller, (who will get his own post), and our two goats, Laverne and Shirley.

Komie is a large pony, 14.1 hands.  She’s a bright bay with a white star that connects to a thin stripe and snip at the base of her nose.  To this day, Komie is beautiful, yet standoffish.  She was adopted right out of a wild herd of Mustangs in Arizona at the age of three.  Just less than a decade later, she was mine.

Komie this summer.  I'll have to dig up some pictures of Takoma and I from 'back in the day' and scan them to my computer!

I could not have asked for a better childhood friend.  She was always kind and patient to the horse crazy girl who spent hours grooming her, brushing out her long, thick tail, and braiding ribbons in her mane.  On Preakness Day one year, I made a garland out of buttercups and placed it around her neck, the winner of my heart.

But like any pony, Komie could be feisty.  I find it funny that my off-the-track-Thoroughbred, Misty, has never once taken off with me, grabbed the bit in her teeth and bolted.  Yet my supposedly saintly pony has taken off with me no less than 10 times (maybe more?) over the course of our riding career.  For such a little thing, she certainly had some speed.  And I, completely surprised, would just cling on for dear life. 

She eventually always came to a screeching halt.  Good girl.  And I would dismount on trembling legs thinking, it’s a shame I’m already too tall to be a jockey!

And though Komie had her days, she was as close to perfect as a pony could get.  I rode her English and Western; I jumped her and barrel raced her.  We spent many long afternoons trail riding down to the Gunpowder River, wading along until she decided she wanted to roll in the water.  (Yes – I dismounted (hurled myself off?) in time…but my saddle was never the same!).  From my childhood eyes, Komie was my angel sent from God…my best friend.

My beautiful girl on a snowy winter's day.  She's a hardy little Mustang and grows the fuzziest coat...she almost never needs an extra blanket.

Now Takoma is living the life of a retired pony: grazing, sunning herself, hanging out her with BFF Misty.  And though she’s a little grey around the face, she looks awesome for her age!

I pray that Komie continues to stay healthy and lives long enough for me to buy my farm so she can live the rest of her life as my backyard pony again.  She has given me so many wonderful, happy memories – I owe her so much.