Monday, April 18, 2011

Mucks vs. Wellies

When I was growing up, I was lucky enough to have my horses in my backyard. We had a small farmette that was just perfect for our two spoiled equines. Like any horse crazy girl, asking me to go muck stalls was not a chore – it was something I did willingly, without being asked, every single day. I’d come home from school, change into my barn clothes, and off I’d go.

 During the hot summer months, I’d wear slip-on clogs, but during the rainy weather (which seems like everyday now!), I’d wear what I called muckluks – or my mucks, for short. These boots were awesome! I could stand in a solid foot of the mud and slop in front of the barnyard and be perfectly fine. I LOVED my mucks! Sometimes on hot, rainy days when I knew my feet would get wet in my clogs, you could find me in a t-shirt, shorts, and my mucks – with no socks. Even though the mucks fit my feet, my skinny little legs would peak out the top – loose yet not uncomfortable. Whenever I see a pair of mucks, I am catapulted back into my childhood and picture a lanky pre-teen carrying a pitchfork and rake who used to beg her mother to let her sleep in the barn at night with the horses.

My mucks - plain and simple

My husband is a photographer and does a lot of product work – mostly shoes. One day I came home and saw all these brightly colored, fancy-looking mucks at the house, (he has a small backdrop in his office and does most product work at home). “What are you doing with these mucks,” I asked. “I think they’re rain boots…called wellies or something,” James replied.

Mucks on crack...

What?! Since when did my mucks get a make-over? Since that day I’ve been astonished to see how popular these so-called wellies are…how their patterns have evolved, and how they have made their way into the wardrobe of non-horse people.

Not that I mind – I’ll share my mucks – but that’s what they’ll always be to me – my mucks!

Cute and preppy mucks