Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Yes, I want my milk in a bag

This is not a horsey blog…this is just me whining…


Every time I go to the grocery, I buy milk. I’m not a ravenous milk drinker like my best friend, Mary, but I love milk in my cereal and when I’m eating more than my fair share of sweets.

Recently, I’ve found that every time I buy milk, the cashier at the store either asks me if I want my milk in a bag or just scans it and puts it in my cart without giving me the option. Really? Why wouldn’t I want it in a bag? Yes, I’m that customer who then hands the milk back to him/her and asks for the dang bag!

Aren't cows cute?  I will totally have a cow one day...

Milk is cold…do you think I want to hold its icy handle as I’m making my way to the car? If my milk is in a bag, I can then slide it on my arm along with my other 15 bags so I only have to make one trip from the car to the house. If my milk is naked and just hanging out, that throws off this whole grocery juggling process.

Also, when milk is out of the fridge, condensation builds up on the outside…which means, things will stick to it. A bag-less milk in my car is a frightening thing. Residing in my car, at any given time, is a ton of riding equipment, horse halters and lead ropes, a German Shepherd, barn boots, extra jackets and gloves, etc. What this means is that my bag-less milk has about 10 seconds of freedom before it is attacked by dirt, dog hair, dust, horse hair, and who knows what else. And then I have to put it in the fridge with the rest of my food?

So, yes, I want my milk in a bag!

Does anyone else get this question? Do any of you out there actually like a bag-less milk? And yes, James, I’m really blogging about this.