Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Vineyard Vines and The Kentucky Derby

I just saw that Vineyard Vines is the official style of my beloved Kentucky Derby.  I don’t think I’ve squealed this much over a clothing trend since…ever.

Sadly, I have never been to the Kentucky Derby…but I vow to someday make my way to Louisville, floppy hat on head, and mint julep in hand, (hopefully I’ll have acquired a taste for them by then – if not, I’ll fake it).

A huge fan of New England and Martha’s Vineyard itself, the pretty, preppy style that is Vineyard Vines fits me like a glove.  Add a few horse prints in the mix and I’m a very happy camper!  Though I believe VV has yet to debut their entire Kentucky Derby collection, below are my favorite pieces so far! 

James – get that credit card ready!!

This tote has a mini mint julep pattern at the top!

 A scarf with horse bits and jockey silks

 A tie for your favorite guy...and a closer look at those cute mint juleps

Another tie with Thoroughbreds thundering down the stretch!

The signature Vineyard Vines whale with various jockey silk patterns.